Discover how innovations in research and development of preventative adjuvant products are driving innovation to optimize the health of patients at the heart of action.

Cellular Renovation Therapy is a therapeutic method in complementary medicine that exerts an adjuvant and mainly preventive action by providing fundamental nutrients for cell life, through the use of opotherapeutic embryonic actives, peptides, phyto-organic compounds, enzymes, and powerful antioxidants to neutralize the action of free radicals. It also combats other substances that are part of its exclusive non-chemical formulas that stimulate cell revitalization and regeneration by strengthening the nucleus of the cell and its cycles implementing specific functions within the renewal stage, and subsequent mitosis.

The combination of 100% compatible components was included to merge the traditional formulas of organotherapy and cell therapy maximizing the effects of products purely opotherapeutic in origin. The fundamental objective is to revitalize healthy and / or damaged organs, optimizing the function of the tissues affected by possible structural changes.

Immunity in all Formulations of Biocell Ultravital Products

Contemporary medical views consider the thymus gland as the “brain” of the immune system, integral to the development and function of T-lymphocytes. However, the thymus gland shrinks with age, a process whose causes remain elusive. This process reduces the number of functional T-lymphocytes, weakening the body’s defense mechanisms and increasing vulnerability to illnesses as one ages.

In fact, most diseases are linked to immune system dysfunction in some way or another. Therefore, utilizing thymus peptides, enzymes, and other bioactive factors can aid in normalizing immune responses, thereby mitigating these diseases.

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